Hair: Versatile Pompadour


The pompadour era is currently what I have now and honestly my favorite (but maybe in ten years I’ll hate this era). For me, its the most versatile style, I feel like there are so many ways I can style my hair. It can be slicked back one day or over the top voluminous the next. I can even rock the mushroom cut or top knot when I feel nostalgic or just plain lazy. It truly is a versatile style. This versatility truly depends on length, so as it gets longer it does give you more options for styling but also a lot more difficult to style, especially volume styles. My true inspiration for this style is Mariano Di Vaio (body goals too)! His styles range from big and voluminous to slick and sleek. He also seems to always have the right amount of highlights and color and a perfect tan! The only difference I made to my variation is that I like my sides tapered and usually short and tight.

-Shorter Pomp-

So when I transitioned my hair from the spiky/faux-hawk era to this pompadour style, I had a period of time where it was awkwardly short and also I was still experimenting on how to style and which products to use. In the pictures below, you can see the beginning stages of this pompadour style. I had just begin experimenting with blonde so there was a lot of brassiness due to my dark natural color, however if you continue lightening in stages you will eventually get nice light shades of blonde and maybe ash.


-Mid-Length Pomp-

Thankfully hair always grows and as the length got longer, more options became available to me. Blow dry with a round brush for volume up top, then add your favorite wax or pomade for control and finish with hair spray (eventually I will come around to doing a video tutorial).Β Sometimes I get lucky and it falls right into place and where I Iike so i can spray it finish, sometimes it may take 5-10 minutes of messing around and even placing hair where you want before you hairspray


-Long-Length Pomp-

If I can pull my hair back and tie it into a top knot, it is deemed a long length pomp. However, with extra time and more product I can still achieve high volume styles, which is why I still consider it a pompadour. The style also stands out more due to the lighter shades of blonde in my hair which is achieved with regular foil lightening sessions, using a purple shampoo for maintenance and I also get a lot of sun exposure during my summer runs, so that also lightens the blonde.

To achieve the styles above I usually use the following:

  • Kardashian Black Seed Dry Oil
  • ByVilain Dynamite/Gold Digger/Silver Fox (depends on how much shine/hold needed)
  • Redken Thickening Lotion
  • CHI Volume Hairspray
  1. In washed and towel dried hair I would spread a couple pumps of Kardashian Black Seed Oil to protect and condition hair. If you have thin hair, I sometimes use Redken’s Thickening Lotion to add more thickness.
  2. I blow dry with either a small round brush (volume/slight curl) or a vented brush (straighter style). At this stage my hair is usually dry and voluminous but not much control so it is flying around everywhere.
  3. This is where the ByVilain waxes come into play. A small quarter size amount is enough to get control. Rub it into your hands and give control to your style by starting at the ends. Try to avoid roots unless you are trying to achieve a more sleek an slicked back look.
  4. After I play around with the ByVilain in my hair I mold the style into whatever desired position IΒ like and finish off with CHI Volume Hairspray to get a good hold. Most light misty hairsprays should do the trick, just spray from a distance.

I see myself being in this era for a while because of all the styles I can do and I’m sure there will be more variations. Sometimes the best hair styles come from accidents or sometimes just inspiration.



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