Hair: Spiky Era

Fast forward to 5/27/07…… the day I said RIP to my way overdue mushroom cut. Why I remember that date? It was senior prom! For weeks maybe even months I was obsessing
over whether I should cut my hair. The only style that interested me at that time were from the26121_375985786526_2445751_n-copy-copy Gotti Brothers. 20157_280015511526_4109109_n-copy-copyCarmine Gotti was my hair inspiration for my next hair era. The spikes. Another typical Asian style I guess but it caught my eye at the time and I just was stuck with it for probably too long. So the debut of my new do on prom night was a hit! My friends loved it and I felt so good about it as well. It was short but it was a CHANGE. 299808_10150309921691527_1803188467_n

I had my spikes all through college. Always being referred to as a Drag133183_482642071526_3208002_o-copy-copyon Ball Z character and CONSTANTLY being asked by random people if they could touch my hair. Endless tubes of GOT 2 B glue and hairspray. I was also able to pop balloons! Believe it for not this style took very little time to do. My routine was pretty quick. I would always start with clean towel dried hair:

  1. After towel drying I would blow dry my hair upward. It would look like dry spikes and afro-like but with straight hair.
  2. After they were almost dry I would just lather a quarter size amount of GOT2B glue in my hands and start pulling hair upwards around the crown area and then eventually within. For me, the dryer hair allowed more control and also faster drying time. 
  3. Finish off with Got2B glue freezing hairspray for ULTIMATE hold.

Over the years, my spikes kind of morphed into my next style the faux-hawk. On some lazy days where I didsnh-038_1zn’t feel like spiking the hair I would just push it back, and as it got longer I kind of adapted to it and finally buzzed off the side spikes off and left the back to grow out down to the nape.

At this point in my life, I have found an all new level of confidence that I truly lacked for most of my life. My insecurities didn’t hold me back anymore and it allowed to me flourish and experiment and not be afraid to express myself. I had the best of friends, a loving boyfriend and supportive family. It kind of all just clicked and fell into place. I was finally happy and having941285_10151411706701527_1766895933_n
fun and in comes the faux-hawk! On some lazy days where I didn’t feel like spiking the hair I would just push it back, and as it got longer, I kind of adapted to it and finally buzzed off the side spikes off and left the back to grow out down to the nape. It was dramatic, voluminous73095_10151572593976527_847424443_n and definite eye catcher.

I would blow dry the top with a round bright and use a flat iron to give volume and a slight curl to the back all the way down for the nape area. Another way i styled this faux-hawk was simply just curling my h1506674_10152706657926527_5796806110899120722_nair from front to nape with a quick turn of the flat iron and then afterward pulling and messing it around with my fingers and hairspray to hold. I really liked that look because it gave my hair more texture and an overall new look. I did however had to learn the hard way about using heat protectant, because all the extra heat really did dry out my ends. 10313334_10152666177346527_1505049881192217456_n.jpg

Adding color to it was even better. However the style eventually became too dramatic for me, so I eventually decided to shorten the back and bring it up higher. Unknowingly I entered my next and also current era…. the versatile pompadour.


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