Who am I?

If you found yourself to this blog, you may already have an idea of who I am so far. You probably think the obvious, I am a narcissistic, selfie driven, maniac runner that is obsessed with Beyonce and has great hair. But I promise you that there is more to me than what meets the eye. Β I plan to share my interests other than the obvious (however you will see a lot of running, hair, selfies and Beyonce posts along the way.) My blog is to give you a glimpse of the things I think about, experiences,my goals and inspirations.14238279_10153886727196527_8099352992006863297_n

I like to think of myself as a very diverse and multifaceted person. Sometimes I surprise myself with the stuff I take interests on and the projects I tackle because they are always so different and sometimes not even closely related (seriously I can cut and blow out your hair one day and build you a 9 foot dining table the next) but regardless in the end I take away a valuable learning experience.

So let’s get down to business…..Who am I? Well… My name is Herry (pronounces like Harry, my mother was not a good speller). I was born in Allentown, PA, raised in Hartford, CT and currently living in New Britain, CT. My family is mainly of Vietnamese decent, with the except28213_393274086526_3177717_n.jpgion of my mom being half French (god bless you grandfather who I never got to meet, may your soul RIP). So yes, growing up there were a lot of questions about whether I was Chinese, Japanese and any other obvious Asian decent that little minded bullies could referΒ to people with slanted eyes like me (especially when I was overweight, big cheeks and small eyes are not a good combo for me). During the warmer months when IΒ get a little tan, I remember being asked if I were Mexican, Peruvian, or Hawaiian. These experiences alone have taught me to just simply ask people where they are from when I am curious rather than ASSume.

I grew up with both parents and two younger sisters. My father was always the sole provider for our family, so that mainly left me at home with my mom, sisters and usually my aunt and grandma…..all females. It was inevitable that I took different interests compared to other boys my age. But spending time with my uncles and grandfather sparked other interests too like video games, action figures and wrestling.

So that is just a brief gist of who I am based on where I came from. I plan on revealing more through time otherwise this first post will be too long and you all will lose interest (if not already).


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